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If any Loblaws customer were here reading out this one then definitely you should have known a lot about Real Canadian Superstore for sure.

I and my Aunt were kind of super loyal customers of Real Canadian Superstore actually like from the day we shifted from Kitchener to Toronto, we haven’t even thought of buying our groceries from another store.

Even though Metro is like 1 mile from our homes it’s like kind of walkable distance only but still we go to Real Canadian Superstore which like 5 miles away because we love the Real Canadian Superstore and I can guarantee you one thing if you haven’t tried them just go once then you’ll be the regular customer of Real Canadian Superstore for sure.

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Real Canadian Superstore Flyers

Every Supermarket in the Canada region provides out the flyers, like at least above 90 per cent of them provides it and this is really a huge number actually.

And you may ask what’s the big deal, is there anything so special in Real Canadian Superstore which others can’t provide, because when real Canadian superstore gives you an offer

 And it’s gonna be really a big offer for sure and that will be in the benefit of their customers and they make sure everyone loves the flyers, Speciality is that they keep on doing this every week.

Real Canadian Superstore has actually divided out their flyers into two types based on the provinces namely

  • Real Canadian Superstore Ontario Flyers.
  • Real Canadian Superstore West Flyers.

Let’s Checkout in detail.

Real Canadian Superstore Ontario Flyers

Adonis Weekly Flyers
Real Canadian Superstore Ontario Weekly Flyer November 19 to November 25 – Click to View the Flyers

In the Ontario Region, real Canadian superstore is very much a popular one and that’s why they have released a unique flyer for it.

And it includes all the cities in the Ontario Region like all the big ones and small ones.

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Real Canadian Superstore West Flyers

Real Canadian Superstore Weekly Flyers
Real Canadian Superstore West Weekly Flyer November 20 to November 26 – Click to View the Flyers

These flyers will kind of cover all of the cities in the Western part of Canada and like wherever the region the shop is available.

Cities include Edmonton, Calgary and more.

How to Save more at Real Canadian Superstore?

Whether saving a few bucks or huge in number, saving money is always a special thing for everyone it doesn’t matter whether it’s a huge one or a small one and for those who love saving bucks you can use these tips to save some at the Real Canadian Superstore.

You know even though Flyers seems like a big benefit for customers, it’s also a big benefit for us too since we get sales in bulk numbers too

  • Every week on Thursday Flyers are updated with new products, so don’t go to the store with an old flyers list, you won’t save your money for sure.
  • So make out your shopping list of the active flyer and you can either check out regularly or else subscribe to Iron Blade Online, we’ll notify you with new flyers.
  • And plus try to do your shopping on Thursday itself, it’s a kind of small advice from us for you to get all your products in the list.
  • Other than flyers, you can use coupons list on the Real Canadian Superstore website to save more of your money.

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About Real Canadian Superstore

Company NameReal Canadian Superstore Owned by Loblaws Companies
Company TypeSupermarket retail
HeadquartersBrampton, Ontario
Official WebsiteOfficial Website
AppsGoogle Playstore Link

Apple Playstore Link

Like said before Real Canadian Superstore is a supermarket that was owned by the Loblaws actually.

Coming to the name thing Loblaws has actually tried out lots of things from trying to name it as Loblaws Superstore to naming it out as simply Superstore, but this one Real Canadian Superstore what people have liked it more than any other names.

And now Real Canadian Superstore is available to the people in more than 100 locations all over Canada region with nearly 1000’s employees working over in all of its branches.

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Special Features of Real Canadian Superstore

Canadian SuperStore Front Part

Wide choice of products

Lots of products being available in the Real Canadian Superstore such as

  • Bakery products.
  • Beer
  • Clothing
  • Dairy
  • Frozen Foods.
  • Liquor
  • Meat
  • General Grocery.
  • General merchandise.

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We offer more for you

Canadian SuperStore Backside

Real Canadian Superstore always give more of the people than they expect from us that’s why we provide out services such as

Dietitians – You can book your professional advice online from the most trusted experienced dietitians.

Natural Foods – And this one is for people who love organic products though priced a bit higher than normal products we give you the best ones you want.

Medical & pharmacy services – We also have a professional doctor and pharmacist at select stores for the best customer experience.

Regular Offers & Flyer Deals

Since this is a venture of Loblaws Real Canadian Superstore gives more no of officers in order to stay in the heavy competition.

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Our Experience with Canadian Superstore
  • Pricing
  • Products Availability and Freshness
  • Ambience & Service
  • Savings & Weekly Deals
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