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People don’t always live in the same place, maybe now it may get less but like 5000 years ago humans were transporting to different places on a regular basis for food, shelter and others as like the animals.

But now things have changed a lot of everyone lives in their own homes, but since most of the people are educated they can’t get a job in their hometown itself and that’s why people go to various countries for jobs, but the problem is that even if they get adopted to the climate they can’t simply adapt to the food.

And here we are talking about the Middle East People, so if you are a kind of person from the Middle East and looking for groceries particularly for you then you can’t think of anything other than the Adonis.

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Adonis Flyers & Deals (For this Week & Next Week)

I and my papa came to Montreal during the year of 2003, actually, we were originally from Qatar, as initially we always eat at the restaurants because of my papa’s job we need to settle down in Montreal itself.

We were tired of eating at restaurants all the time and I decided to cook, so that’s when my neighbour Mia said about the Adonis where I can get Middle East products, also she said they are giving out weekly flyers and by using that I can even save money.

At first, I didn’t believe it until I made the first purchase with the Flyers, hell yeah I saved a lot of money than I expected, thanks to Mia and Adonis Flyers.

Pick your Flyer

Since Marche Adonis has been providing out their services in the region of Ontario and Quebec they are providing two types of flyers namely

  • Adonis Flyer Ontario.
  • Adonis Flyer Quebec.

So pick up your flyers from the below-given tab based on your locations.

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Adonis Flyer Ontario

Adonis Weekly Flyers
Adonis Ontario Weekly Flyer January 6 to January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

This flyer is valid only for the stores in the region of Ontario which includes Ottawa, Scarborough, Toronto, Mississauga, St. Catharines

Adonis Flyer Quebec

Adonis Quebec Weekly Flyers
Adonis Quebec Weekly Flyer January 6 to January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

This flyer is valid only for the stores in the region of Quebec which includes Gatineau, Montreal, Laval, Saint-Laurent

Tips to save valuable dollars at Adonis

Adonis Supermarket

The main aim of providing weekly flyers is to give people satisfaction on their purchase and also we too make a profit like a lot, there is nothing to hide. This actually gives an opportunity to understand people and serves as a platform to build people’s trust.

  • So there are people who do a monthly purchase and weekly purchase since more people do weekly purchases we take them as an example.
  • First, make out a complete list of things that you need to purchase for the week.
  • Then open the Adonis Flyers on Iron Blade Online for the present week and then check out what are the things on your list available on the flyers.
  • And when the flyer is active, do the purchase and save money.

About Marche Adonis

Company NameMarche Adonis
Company TypeSupermarket
HeadquartersMontreal, Quebec
Official WebsiteAdonis

In the year of 1979 two Lebanese brothers, Elie and Jamil want to bring out the Eastern Mediterranean culture to a new world and that when they have started the Adonis initially by trading out the food of the Middle East in the Canada Region.

In Spite of Arab speaking communities starting to grow in certain regions since the start of Adonis, they have planned to open more stores but they have done very careful in selecting the location of stores like the place where Arab people were high.

Recently Metro has purchased about 55.3% of shares of the Adonis which means literally Metro is the current owner of Adonis.

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Reasons why people prefer Adonis a lot

Though Adonis is best known for providing out the Meditteranean and Lebanese products, they also have products that everyone other than Arabian people needs to do, so even people who don’t speak Arabian too can try out the Adonis as like you shop on another shopping mart, you’ll also get the same products here even at a better price actually.

Home Delivery

Adonis Supermarket Inside

Unlike other flyers you don’t need to complicate things, actually what you need to do is either send an email about your order or else contact us through the phone to place your order and we’ll deliver it to your home. Plus some delivery charges might apply too.

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Discounts and Deals

Our primary aim is always to give you the product that you want at the best price, to make it better we give a price reduction on your favourite products at every special occasion for you so that this special occasion will be kind of more special for you.

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