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If you are an Asian reading this post then you might know how difficult it is for you to get the Asian products in the foreign countries and it’s really a very much difficult thing for everyone until the T&T Supermarket came into existence. And it was in 2000 we were shifted to Canada due to my father’s education and since then we were not able to get the real Chinese food.

Only in restaurants were we able to eat Chinese food, and that too was not a real Chinese food since we were not able to cook Chinese food at home. I and my little sister were really craving for Chinese food and that’s when we went to our regular Chinese restaurant to get Chinese food.

The manager of the restaurant looked at us being sad and asked why we said about the issue, he laughed into burst and asked us to come with him and dropped at the T&T supermarket, it was a really big surprise for us to see like we are in china because everything is there in the T&T store.

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TNT Flyer – T&T Supermarket Flyer

Even Though T&T is unique from all other supermarkets in the region, since it has become a part of Loblaws from the year 2009, since then they are actually providing out the weekly flyers to the people of Canada.

Every Week on Thursday new flyers will become active and the old flyers will become expired, so always keep your eyes ready on Wednesday.

And the flyers are available in all of the cities where the store is available such as Datonghua, Osaka, bc, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto,  Vancouver, warden and Steeles, Lansdowne, Calgary, Richmond, Kitchener, Waterloo., Surrey, GTA.

T&T Flyer Ontario

T&T Weekly Flyers Ontario
T&T Weekly Flyer Ontario January 6 to January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

T&T Flyer Alberta

T&T Weekly Flyers Alberta
T&T Weekly Flyer Alberta January 6 to January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

T&T Flyer British Columbia

T&T Weekly Flyers
T&T Weekly Flyer British Columbia January 6 to January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

How to save more at the T&T

Unlike other supermarkets, T&T is actually providing you with lots of options for saving more and the main factors

  • Using every week flyers as a major advantage for you in saving money.
  • And then apart from flyers, you can collect stamps to save even more.
  • Plus if you have T&T Rewards points you can even use that too for saving.

About T&T Supermarket

T&T Flyer

Company NameT&T
Company TypeSubsidiary
HeadquartersRichmond, British Colombia
Official WebsiteOfficial Website
AppsNot available

So they are one of the unique supermarket chains where they primarily sell Asian foods only, the main headquarters of the Supermarket being located in the region of British Columbia.

The First T&T store was actually opened in the year of 1993 by Cindy Lee at the Metro Town in the Metro Vancouver region.

The name of T&T stands for actually the two daughters of Cindy Lee namely Tiffany and Tina, while Tina is the present CEO of the Supermarket right now.

T&T has become part of Canada’s biggest Supermarket food giant Loblaws from the year of 2009 when they purchased them for $225 million.

Currently, T&T is being available in more than 27 locations all over the country to provide Asian foods to the people of Canada.

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What’s in the Store?

T&T Flyer

Here in T&T you can easily get things such as

  • Bakery
  • Deli
  • Frozen food
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Grocery
  • Snacks

Along with that, most of the T&T stores consist of the inhouse bakery, Asian Deli, Sushi and Chinese barbeque Department too.

The flagship store located in the region of Richmond even has Live seafood bar, Asian Street Food Station, Self-checkouts and also they are providing out their own branded products such as Crackers, cakes, pastries, tea, sauces.

T&T Shipping Stamp

It is actually a kind of discounted shipped programme, which is something new where you can get 10 shipping stamps at a price of $49.99.

During the shipping apply one or two stamps and you can easily save up to 29% which is a very high savings discount.

T&T Rewards

In this concept you’ll be getting reward points for the price you spend, for example, you’ll get 20 reward points for every $20 you spend.

And you can redeem those points online or even at the shops too or even get special redemption products too.

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Click and Collect

This is an online delivery concept, where you need to select the products you need and pay for it online and then call the store and inform about your car details, your parking details and the time you are going to arrive to pick the parcel to get your baggage at earliest.

T&T Store Review
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