Giant Tiger Flyer (ON, Atlantic, West) January 2021 Latest Deals Live✔️

If we take down the list of biggest and leading supermarkets in the Canada region definitely you can’t skip down the name of Giant Tiger in this list.

It’s actually a Discount Store Chain which has been operating in more than 250 stores in the Canada region.

The company has been actually operating under the Giant Tiger Banner in most of the places and also under the Banner names of GTExpress, Scott’s Discount, Tigre Geant in most of the places.

The main headquarter branch of Giant Tiger has been operating in the Walkley Road which is located in Ottawa Region. Also, nearly 8000 employees have been working under all the 250 stores located all over the country.

Giant Tiger Flyers Starting Tomorrow & Store Locations

We provide flyers every week based on three regions all over Canada and with the help of Flyers you can save a lot more than you think.

And Giant Tiger has been providing flyers into three different categories namely

  •       Giant Tiger Flyer Ontario.
  •       Giant Tiger Flyer West.
  •       Giant Tiger Flyer Atlantic
  •       Tigre Geant Flyer.

The discounts on products differ on the flyers like Ontario will have different products under their flyer Banner while Giant Tiger west will have a different flyer.

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Giant Tiger Flyer Ontario

Giant TIger Ontario Weekly Flyers
Giant Tiger (ON) Flyer January 6 to January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

The most important cities in Ontario are Ottawa, Hamilton, Sudbury, Lasalle, Brampton, Montreal, Lindsay, Scarborough, Walkley, Dunnville and all other major cities in Ontario Region will come under this list.

Giant Tiger Flyer West

Giant Tiger West Weekly Flyers
Current Giant Tiger West Weekly Flyer (January 6 to January 12) – Click to View the Flyers

If you are living in the western part of Canada then you must be living in one of these cities such as Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary,

Giant Tiger Flyer Atlantic

Giant Tiger Atlantic Weekly Flyers
Current Giant Tiger Atlantic Weekly Flyer (January 6 to January 12) – Click to View the Flyers

This flyer is valid only in the cities that come under the Atlantic region which includes Halifax, Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton

Tigre Geant Flyers

Tigre Geant Weekly Flyers
Current Tigre Géan Weekly Flyer January 6 to January 122 – Click to View the Flyers

Tigre Geant operates only in Quebec.

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Giant Tiger Weekly Flyers – Why should you Regularly Check on Flyers?

Flyers are something which Giant Tiger kind of offer every week, actually it’s been 3 years since I have shifted to Canada and during the initial stages, I don’t have much money with myself, even getting basic things itself become a difficult task for me.

That’s when I have heard about Giant Tiger Canada Flyers, so every week I keep an eye on the flyers and make a list of things I need to buy from the flyers and then I go to the Giant Tiger start purchasing the things I wanted, by doing like this I usually save up to 30% of my money.

Now I have got married like a year ago, so now me and my wife Alicia together lookout for flyers and make the purchases.

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How to Save Your Money with a Giant Tiger?

giant tiger flyer

We know how hard it is to earn money, and also the value of saving money, you also want to save your hard-earned money during Shopping in Giant Tiger, for that just follow the below-given steps

  • First checkout on the Giant Tiger Weekly flyer based on your region.
  • Once selected the flyer, make a list of things that you need to buy.
  • Next, go to the giant tiger and purchase the products in your list and save your money.

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Giant Tiger History – How it’s all started?

Company NameGiant Tiger Stores Ltd.
Company TypeCanadian Discount Store Chain
HeadquartersOttawa, Ontario, Canada
Official WebsiteGiant Tiger
AppsGoogle Playstore Link

Apple store Link

You won’t be heard of the name Giant Tiger if there wasn’t a man called Gordon Reid who was the one who founded this Giant Tiger in the year of 1940 itself. At the time when he started this Giant Tiger, this man was really a youngster since he was in his early twenties.

During those times like in the 1940’s the discount stores were a big hit concept and Reid has felt that there are not many such types of stores in the Canada region so after seeing the store of Uncle Bill’s he decided to start out on his own.

During the 1980s the owner of the shop was shared out by Reid and his most trusted 10 key employees of the store, but yet Reid has the majority of shares compared to the other ten members.

He stated that the main intention in making those 10 employees as a shareholder is to make them feel they are working on their own company so that they will put on their best efforts.

The first official store of Giant Tiger was actually opened in Ottawa’s Byward Market in the year of 1961 itself with a $15000 investment.

During the time it was started the sales in the first year were very low so they decided to close the store in 1962 but however, they managed to keep on running the store.

The second new store was actually opened up in the year of 1965 only and then during the time after ten years, there were like 6 Giant Tiger Stores available all over the country.

From opening its first store in 1961 to having more than 240 stores till now is the current history of Giant Tiger so far now.

Other brands under Giant tiger

Chez Tante Marie was the first store to get established by the Giant Tiger in the year of 1977, but later due to some reasons, the store has been closed down in 2015.

The other few stores which were still in existence were renamed out as the Tigre Geant.

In order to introduce the concept of small stores Scott’s Discount Brand was established in the year of 1996.

What we Sell

Whatever the thing that comes to your mind when you enter giant tiger you’ll definitely get that over here. From home accessories to personal accessories everything is available here, all you need to do is explore over here and take the right thing that you need.

Gift Cards

So Gift Cards are something which is actually provided out by us, we provide three different types of gift cards in the price range of $10, $25, $50.

Other than gift cards we also provide a wide variety of cards such as Phone Cards, Gaming Cards, Music Cards, Financial Cards, Restaurant Cards and other card types.

Giant Tiger Online & Coupons

Coupons are something which is gonna get you a good discount on the price of products that you are going to pay, and also you should know that only the right coupon will get a discount.

So while taking the coupon to make sure you know that Coupons must have a scannable barcode, the coupons should be redeemed before the expiration date.

Also, note that the store has rights to decline any coupons and is not arguable during the time of purchase.

Giant Tiger Online Shopping is much popular in canada.

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Hot Buy

Hot Buy is something which we offer regularly on different products, mostly the hot deals mean the products which we are providing are selling hot during that time and we mention it as Hot Buy.

Giant Value products

It is a super-saver pack actually through that you can get the best product at a reasonable price which no others can provide.

Giant Tiger Hours

Normally Giant Tiger operates between 10 AM – 6 PM except holidays. It runs all day.


If you have seen a certain item in our ad and due to unavoidable situations if the product is not available with us, we’ll provide you Rainchecks for that product and later you can use Rain Checks to claim that offer back.

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