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If you randomly pick up a person and ask whether you know about Walmart definitely 9 out of 10 people will surely say yes. Because Walmart is one of the biggest and largest brands all over the world, even Walmart has its existence in Asian Countries too.

Walmart is a place where you can get everything that you need from veggies to cars you can simply get everything over here and that is the main reason why Walmart Flyers has been so successful.

Walmart Flyers and Deals

Every Thursday whether the sun rises or not me and mommy wake up early and start looking at the flyers of Walmart in the Iron Blade Online and then go to the Walmart Store which is like 2 miles from our home and make the purchase for the week. This is a kind of habit which we are doing out from lots of years before itself.

So like as said above on Every Thursday Walmart will release a new flyer both online and offline. Online will be given out in the form of Flyer and offline will be given out as Paper ad, but most of the people prefer out the Flyer ad.

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Which Walmart Canada Flyer is For Me?

So unlike other shops such as No-frills, Giant Tiger which provides out the separate flyers for different regions, Walmart has the concept of providing a single flyer for all over Canada.

But they actually provide out two different kinds of flyers every week namely a general flyer like others and a beauty-related products flyers.

Whether you are living in Ontario or the Atlantic region of Canada it doesn’t matter like others because they follow the concept of one flyer for every person. However, We categorized into 4, Which you can access them with ease.

Walmart Flyers Ontario

Walmart Ontario Weekly Flyers
Walmart Ontario Flyer January 6 to January 12 Click to View the Flyers

Ontario Parts include Ottawa, Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Barrie, Guelph, Kitchener, Nanaimo, Peterborough and other cities.

Walmart Weekly Flyers West

Walmart Ontario Weekly Flyers
Walmart Ontario Flyer January 6 to January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

West part includes Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Surrey, Vancouver, Kelwona,  Red deer and other cities.

Walmart Weekly Flyers Atlantic

Walmart Atlantic Weekly Flyers
Walmart Atlantic Flyer January 6 to January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

Atlantic Parts include halifax, Moncton, Prince Edward Island (PEI) and other cities.

Walmart Canadian Flyer Quebec

Walmart Quebec Weekly Flyers
Walmart Quebec Flyer January 6 to January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

Quebec region includes Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, Sherbrook.

Walmart Special Flyers

Walmart Living Flyer
Walmart Living Flyer January 6 – January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

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On the Events of Black Friday, Boxing Day, Chrismas, Diwali and other events, Walmart launches special flyers with huge discounts, Bookmark this article and check during the time of the event to save huge bucks.

Ways to Save More at Walmart with Walmart Flyers!

Money is something which you can’t get like that easy for everyone, maybe for some people, but for most of the people, they have to work very hard in order to make money. And definitely they want to save their money during shopping at Walmart for those people they can use the below-given ideas to save up their money

  • The first and important method of saving up your money is making use of the Weekly Flyers.
  • And the next method is Rollback which Walmart gives regularly more than 1000’s of items are available at a low price.
  • Clearance sale is also another way to save your money where the unsold items will be put up on clearance at a very much lower price.
  • Deals of the Week is put up buy Walmart every week, it is actually given out by the Walmart partners every week but this can be used only in the online shopping not available at stores.

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About Walmart Inc – One Brand for All Your Needs

Walmart Supercenter

Company NameWalmart Inc
Company TypePublic - MNC
HeadquartersBentonville, Arkansas, U.S.
Official WebsiteWalmart Canada
AppsGoogle Playstore Link

Apple store Link

Walmart is actually a multinational retail corporation which has been headquartered in Bentonville. Arkansas.

Walmart has been found out in the year of 1962 by Sam Walton and from then to till now Walmart has been successfully functioning.

And as per the current date, Walmart has more than 11000 stores all over the world and was actually operating in nearly 55 countries under various names.

Walmart is the only private company with the highest no of employees working nearly up to 2.2 million employees.

Also as per the Fortune Global report, Walmart is the largest company all over the world based on revenue itself.

The most successful place of Walmart is definitely going to be the US and other countries will come only after that.

Why Walmart?

This is the simplest question that we can give an easy answer because Walmart is one of the most recognised brands in the world, they have its own customer base. It has happened not only because of the name, it’s actually due to the quality of products they provide, and the way they treat their customers.

What’s in the Store?

Things ranging from A-Z will be available in Walmart, it is Iron Blade Online guarantee because we have been purchasing out in Walmart for a long time. They have products from Kids toys, Clothes to medicines, everything will be available over there.

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Walmart Gift Cards and Coupons

Even after providing out these much money saving options, Walmart still provides you Gift Cards and Coupon Options too

  • While Gift Cards are something you can purchase at the Walmart with a certain amount loaded in it and given back to your Friends, there are varieties of gift cards available such as Vanilla Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards and many more options.
  • When it comes to coupons every week Walmart will upload new coupons and you can get those coupons to your email and then make a purchase and save money using that coupon.
  • Walmart Canada Flyers also displays what Gift Card offers are going on.

Walmart Satisfaction Survey


This is a Survey contest by Walmart and what you have to do is just participate in this survey and you can use it as a feedback form and if you are lucky you may even get a chance to win $1000.

Walmart Pick Up & Online Store

This is a special exclusive feature given up by Walmart for online users who want to make faster purchases. What’s actually this is that you can actually order the items that you want in online and then pick up those items you ordered from the nearby outlets.


If you want quality products at the best price then Walmart is a best option for you, also subscribe to iron Blade Online to receive instant Walmart flyer updates

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