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If you have already known about the Metro then definitely you will also be known about the Food Basics because this is a supermarket chain owned by the Metro Inc.

And if you ask us to pick out one between Metro and Food basics we would definitely go out for the Food basics Flyers without any doubt, though Metro being the biggest we still opt for the Food Basics because it has a slight edge over the Metro which will be explained below.

Food basics Weekly Flyers and Deals

Like 15 years ago I and my dad usually on Thursday eagerly wait for the newspaper to arrive at our home and then we take a look at the offers provided out by the Food Basics eagerly and then make a list of things of that we need to buy and then make the purchase.

But now things have changed smartphones and internet connection becomes an unavoidable one, so Food Basics also got adopted to it and they started providing out their offers as flyers.

Even though my father still sees the paper ad, but I have completely changed to the Flyers since it is easier than paper ad.

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Which Food Basics Flyers is for me?

As like we have said out earlier the Food Basic Supermarket store is available only for the people located in Ontario region, Food basics are also providing out four different kinds of flyers based on certain locations namely

  • Food Basics Flyers Ottawa & All other regions
  • Food Basics Flyers Hamilton Region.
  • Food Basics Flyers (Kitchener & GTA, London ).

Food Basics Canada Flyers Ottawa & All other regions of Ontario

Food Basics Ontario Weekly Flyers
Food Basics Flyer January 6 to January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

And this flyer for the stores that were in the Ottawa region, Toronto, Scarborough, Niagara Falls  and all other parts of the Ontario region except GTA, Hamilton, Kitchener,

Food Basics Canada Flyers Hamilton Region

Food Basics Ontario Weekly Flyers
Food Basics Flyer January 6 to January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

And this flyer is exclusively applicable to the Food Basics store that was in the Hamilton Region and this flyer is valid only in the parts of Hamilton, Brampton, Mississauga

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Food Basics Canada Flyers (Kitchener & GTA, London)

Food Basics Ontario Weekly Flyers
Food Basics Flyer January 6 to January 12 – Click to View the Flyers

This flyer is for the stores in the region of Kitchener, GTA, Guelph and London and if you are living in those regions you can make use of this flyers.

Save more at Food Basics

During the time when I was kid, I used to go to Food Basics with my dad and during that time my dad usually plans on to buy things within the budget, but I always pick out something like chocolates and toys every time I go but these things my dad won’t add it in his list and finally when he bills all the things it will still come under his budget this is because he follows certain tricks which I am going to reveal it for you

  • First on every Thursday lookout for Food Basics Weekly Flyers based on the area you are living with the Iron Blade Online.
  • And then next make a list of things you need to buy from the flyers and also other things which were not in the flyers.
  • Check out if there is any coupon available for the products in your list.
  • Next, go to the Food basics and make out the purchase as you planned.

About Food Basics

Company NameFood Basics Ltd (Metro INC - Parent)
Company TypeSuper Market
HeadquartersToronto, Ontario, Canada
Official WebsiteOfficial Website
AppsGoogle Playstore Link

Apple store Link

Like we have said above it is a chain of the Metro Inc, other than that Food Basics came into operation when Metro purchased the Food basics from A&P Canada who was the ones started it. But to the surprise, the food basics was started by A&P Canada in order to compete with the No-frills one of the biggest supermarket chains in Canada.

In the past like before Metro had bought the Food Basics the owners named was called Like Roven Food basics and certain other names but after the purchase by Metro every store was commonly called out as Food Basics only.

In order to make the store compete in pricewise with other supermarkets, most of the employees over here are made as part-time workers and only very few full-time employees are working in Food Basics.

Why Food Basics is Better than Others

Food Basics Fruits

Even though like Food Basics there are hundreds of brands being available in the Ontario still people prefer it over others, even people in Ontario suggests Food Basics than its parent brand Metro because of the best quality and better price options.

Gift Cards and Coupons

The gift cards for both the Metro Flyer and Food Basics is the same and that’s why it is issued in the name of Metro Food Basic Gift Cards and you can use this gift cards in any Metro and Food Basics Outlets.

The Gift Cards that are being available in Food Basics are in the range of $20, $50, $100 and if you want gift card with huge balances then you can contact the store manager.

FoodBasics Promise

Food Basics Store

Food Basics always provides the best quality and fresh products and if you feel that your product is not fresh then Food Basics will give you a 100% refund.

Also if you have planned to purchase out a certain thing from food basics after seeing the flyer but the product is not available due to some reasons, Food Basics provides your Raincheck and by using it you can buy the product next week with extra 10% percentage added Discount.

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FoodBasics Online Store

You can download the app on your device to shop online itself.


FoodBasics is always something special in the people of hearts who were purchasing from it regularly, do try it yourself and don’t forget to checkout on flyers to save money and subscribe to Iron Blade Onlinefor regular updates

Subscribe to Iron Blade Online and press the bell icon to receive Food basics next week flyer asap!

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