Why Women Like Long Hair on Men…and Other Feminine Things

“Women like a man with long hair”

There are a lot of ladies out there that really enjoy guys that are either into more feminine things, or look more feminine. There’s a reason for all of that, and we’re here to explain it. If you’ve always worried about being buff and tough for the ladies, it’s time to realize that you really don’t need to be. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Calgary or in any other part of the world–there are women that are going to love that you might look or act a bit more feminine. In fact, they might really want you to play it up for them, which is something even the best sex dating sites would have never expected.

Why Women Like Long Hair

“Women just adore the romance novel look”

You see it on romance novels all the time: guys with long, flowing hair that are draped in ladies. This is because long hair is usually associated with being romantic, wild, and on top of that, picturesque. While it’s often considered something feminine in this day and age, it can really be played up as something sexy and masculine. Back in the days of old, warriors would sport long hair, and it was considered to be typical. Just remember how women flock to the guys in movies with long hair. This is because they honestly just work it, and really feel confident having that kind of hair style as well.

You don’t have to live in Calgary to really rock the long hair look. It’s honestly all a matter of being able to take care of it properly at the end of the day, which is why a lot of ladies ultimately don’t like long hair on certain guys. If it looks greasy or matted, they really aren’t going to be into it. This is why guys that have gorgeous, long hair that’s obviously taken care of are the ones that get the attention. While it might be okay to look like a rugged mess with long hair in the movies, that’s just not going to fly in real life. Take care of your hair if it’s long, or don’t have it long at all, and that’s something that everyone needs to remember, girls and guys alike.

Why Women Like Guys in Women’s Clothing

“Girls can have weird fetishes too”

The best sex dating sites out there are going to have ladies of all types, and a lot of those ladies might really enjoy seeing men wear women’s clothing. Maybe you’ve considered the idea of cross dressingin the bedroom before, or maybe it’s something that you’ve always been sort of shying away from. No matter the case, you need to understand why a lot of women really like a guy in thigh highs, and why that’s completely and utterly normal in the grand scheme of things.

The main reason that women love to see guys dressing up in traditionally women’s clothing is the fact that they love the contrast of feminine and masculine. They like seeing soft, silky lingerie stretched across hard muscle, and that’s what they really want to see being played up. Because of this, don’t be surprised if you have a woman that wants you to dress up in this kind of thing, especially if you’re a guy that’s pretty built. She loves the way it looks on you, and honestly, you should consider that a compliment above all else.

We understand that a lot of guys just aren’t into that sort of thing, and that’s fine. If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to, but if you try it once to humor her, you might find out that you actually really enjoy it. There’s nothing wrong with cross dressing in the bedroom, and usually, the ladies want you to bang them into next week while you’re wearing that sort of thing…so give it a shot, and see where you end up on the scale of enjoying it or not.

Why Women Like Shaved Guys

“Another fetish of some women”

We’re obviously not just talking about guys that shave their faces. We’re talking about women that really like guys that shave their chests and legs, and that’s all because they really want that smooth, soft feeling of skin. The best sex dating sites out there will actually sometimes put this kind of shaving tip down as an ideal for your hookups, and well, we can’t exactly disagree. There are a lot of women out there that really like it when a guy shaves unconventionally. If you want to learn more about sex dating or online kinky dating, visit fakesitesexposed.ca and read exclusive sex dating website reviews. We are pretty sure that these sites will also agree to the fact that men look better when they are shaved.

It’s also important that you take the time to shave your pubic region. A lot of women will really appreciate it if you at least trim down there, though a full shave or wax is also a pretty good idea. This is because they don’t want to have hairs all caught up in their teeth when they go down on you. Remember, if you ask a woman to shave down there–or anywhere–don’t be surprised if she asks you to do the same thing. There’s nothing wrong about that, and honestly, it’s something that really shouldn’t be categorized as gendered in the first place.

Buying Lingerie For Yourself

Playing up the idea of femininity in the bedroom isn’t a bad idea, especially if you know that your next hookup is really into the idea of guys cross dressing. There are a lot of sites out there that really cater to men’s lingerie, and that’s where you should start looking if you want to upgrade your wardrobe and have a few things that really cater to the idea of her fetishes.

You really can’t shop for yourself at women’s lingerie stores. You won’t really be able to find anything that fits properly, and that’s why there are stores just for men that want to cross dress. Check out those particular stores online, and you’ll be able to really find something that suits you. If she’s into it, have her help pick out a few things for you. You can do the same for her later on, and the two of you can roll around in bed wearing silky things together if that’s what really gets you off.

Play Up Those Hobbies

If you have anything that’s considered feminine that you’re into, play it up. Maybe you’re into knitting, sewing, or maybe you even have a doggy daycare. These might be stereotypically feminine hobbies, but being into them is something that a lot of women will be attracted to. Not only will you have similar interests, but chances are that she’ll think it’s really cute that you’re into things that a lot of ‘tough’ guys just usually wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Again, it’s up to you to play up what you feel comfortable with. Being able to understand why ladies are into these things and what they want out of them, however, is a great way to get laid faster. If you can play to your strengths and really make it happen, then good for you! You’d be surprised what playing up these sorts of things can really do, and trust us, we’ve done it before with great results. You’ll be swimming in ladies if you really know how to stack the deck in your favor like this, so have fun.

What her Computer Says about Her

“What kind of laptop does she have?”

There are a lot of things just finding a rating of meeting women sites can’t tell you about dating and learning about her without having to ask. The first thing you need to keep in mind is to find the right dating site. Before you engage in a hookup, read the dating site reviews. For example, you can read about iHookup here: dating site review. Find out if this site is a scam or not before you start picking out women. When it comes to dating, especially when you are meeting someone online and not through friends or a common haunt, trying to find out more about one another can seem like an endless interview at times, rather than just being able to enjoy your time together. Because of this, learning to take information from things she owns, likes, or despises is a quick way to lessen the need to consistently harry her with questions and still figure out if she is someone you want to spend more of your time with.

It is More than Just Her Operating System

“Does she also use Windows 8?”

One of the more frequent debates in the computer literate circles is whether a certain operating system really shows or means anything at all about the person who uses it. The fact of the matter is, it matters less about which system she uses and more how many she understands and how comfortable she is with new platforms. You see, we can only really use what we have been shown. When it comes to computers that means we are going to be comfortable with what we have been introduced to, and in most cases that is going to be limited by education and income. Some systems are just more common in certain areas of expertise, such as content development versus networking and office work versus interior design. In each case, you can expect that what they know and are familiar with is going to rely a great deal on where they went to school, their amount of discretionary income they had, and the type of jobs they have worked throughout their lives.

In other words, you can’t just assume that someone who uses a certain operating system is bound to certain traits. It’s just not logical and generally comes off sounding pretty lame. Instead, focus on her transition between the operating systems, how many she is familiar with, and her level of comfort in playing with something different than she is used to. This is going to tell you a lot more about her in the same vein as actually trying a site is going to tell you more than a rating of meeting women sites you can find previous to choosing one. Instead of basing your opinion on rumors and uncorroborated assumptions, you are learning about her and her personality based on observing how she actually reacts to things and the knowledge she possesses.

Someone who really only knows one computer environment may only need that operating system for everything they have been introduced to in their life and just knowing that she is only familiar with that one thing tells you more about her circumstances than it does her. Instead, consider her reaction to being asked to us a different operating system or shown a different way of doing something. Is she generally open to learning or doesn’t seem to care one way or the other? Conversely, does she seem put off of dealing with anything different from what she already knows, or just afraid of it? Being open and curious about learning new things demonstrates traits that are good for sharing information, engaging new content and generally someone who is going to be fun to be around. She is probably going to be more open than most to learning to enjoy the same things you do and perhaps coming to share the same hobbies down the line. On the other hand, someone who derides learning new ways of doing things, or is afraid of trying something different may be more set in their ways and more comfortable with tried and true traditions and then jumping into new things and new ways of living.

Consider the Age of Her Primary Machine

“How old is that desktop PC?”

This is a pretty good indicator of how comfortable she is with technology in general, but only when considered with how well she has made it work for her. Take for example someone who has a seven year old, run of the mill laptop. Consider how good of a device it was when it came out. Was it upgraded at purchase? Has it been updated since? Does she at least try to maintain it by frequently having someone else look it over if she doesn’t believe herself capable of it? Or has she just let it fall into disrepair and is constantly complaining about the speed and not understanding why new things won’t work on it? As you can imagine, there are a few very different scenarios at hand that can tell you a lot about a person.

On the one hand, someone who uses an old laptop as a main computer and spends a good deal of her time complaining about it is about as approachable as iHookup.com is usable. That is to say, not really much at all. This is someone who on the one hand doesn’t understand the need to take care of something that obviously plays an important part in her life and on the other hand doesn’t have the appreciation of its value to find someone else who can help her with the maintenance. This is the same difference between the woman ruins a brand new car because she doesn’t take care of it and the one who keeps one going for multiple decades because she knows enough to understand the concept of maintenance and really understands its value. The same can be gleaned from how someone treats their electronics.

Someone who seemingly disregards electronics central to their life, such as the computer they do most of their syncing, banking, or checking social networks on isn’t someone who really pays a lot of attention or care to things that actually have a high utility in their life. Someone who can’t recognize the value in something with high utility, generally isn’t going to really put a lot of faith, time and trust into relationships either. They are more of a means to an end than anything else. You can look at it in the same way you would a low rating of meeting women sites. Conversely, someone who shows appreciation and care for what they have by doing their best to keep it working even if they face a lack of funds to properly repair or replace that item at least understands the concept of value. This is someone who is going to put some effort into and appreciate the effort you make for any relationship between you.

Understand the Context

“What does she like the most about her computer?”

Most important to all of these observations, as you may have noticed, is that her choices don’t exist in a vacuum. Like most people, she is influence by the world around her and the information she has at any given moment. Making a snap judgment based solely on what she uses and now how or why she uses it is going to get you to the wrong conclusion most of the time. Do not just observe what she uses, but the why and how as well. This will give more accurate information in the long run.

Why Everyone in the World Should Try Swinging

“Go ahead and try it!”

Swinging is not new. The idea of married couple swapping parties first came to public consciousness in the free love era of the 60’s. It was the perfect environment to express your relationship preferences and be accepted. The love continued to spread into the ’70’s when key parties were the thing to do. Everybody’s mom and dad would put their keys into a fishbowl and when everyone was good and drunk you picked another couples keys out of the bowl and hooked up. As decades progressed and society took a more conservative point of view, swingers were looked as deviants, weirdoes, and perverts. What’s the truth? Somewhere in the middle is where swingers actually stand. There are benefits and disadvantages, like everything else in life. The difference here is the benefits are so good you don’t care what disadvantages are.

The First Step is to Meet Swingers

“You can join a swing community”

If you are looking to get started in the swing lifestyle, what is the first step? Well going out and finding you some new swinger buds to hang with. How do you meet swingers? That is easier to accomplish than you might think. The swinging community is huge but well contained and inconspicuous. There are many online communities as well as local groups, but you do need to know where to look. (Why Swingers Stay Together ) Here are a few ideas, local newspapers often list swingers groups, and you can also find them online at Craigslist and meet-up sections on sits such as Reddit. What you will find is a bit of diligent research is all it takes to meet swingers. Once you get familiar with the process and meet a few in person, finding a way to meet swingers, will become easier than you ever thought possible. Especially once you go to your first party. You will see how welcoming this community can be.

Beneficial to Long Marriages

“You can spice up your long term relationship”

Some couples say the flame doesn’t burn quite as hot after many years of marriage. The old saying familiarity breeds content may come into play here. Year after year with the same partner can turn the sex life a bit mundane for some couples. This is not to say they do not love each other. Swinging couples often profess a deep and strong love for each other. They claim that sex with other people reinforces the love and admiration they have for each other by realizing that other people are as attracted to their mate as they are. It also breaks up the monotony of married sex.

When You Are Swinging, Casual Sex is a Stress Reliever

“Get an ultimate stress relieving experience”

Let’s not fool ourselves; the biggest advantage to swinging is the sexual freedom it brings. Along with that comes some surprising health benefits. Casual sex has been shown to relieve stress in several studies. Swinging provides a great opportunity to employ this idea without repercussions. You can visit www.casualsex.com to learn more about it. As with no other type of relationship, swinging affords its participants the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of casual sex within the boundaries of a marriage. Negative connotations abound but the power of casual sex is highly touted in the swinging community. And if you look at any swinger, it’s clear with sexual freedom comes a level of happiness few others experience in their life.

Exploration of Mind and Body

People involved in marriages of more than a couple years may begin to lose sight of themselves as individuals and identify as one half of a whole. Women especially have a tendency to fall into this pattern of thinking and it often deepens if children are brought into the relationship. Sometimes this occurs before the person is even fully aware of themselves as a person, such as in couples who marry young. Swingers claim their lifestyle allows married people to explore their own sexuality as well as their thoughts on what makes them happy and feel complete. Gay and lesbian fantasies can confuse young marrieds and even older couples who grew up in a time when it wasn’t ok to talk about it. Swinging can help answer those questions in ways that could not happen in traditional society.

Trust and Honesty

One thing all swingers seem to agree on is that you must have a high level of trust and honesty in a relationship to be able to live a swinging lifestyle. The relationship and the family behind it should always take precedence over the swinging lifestyle. There can be no secrets between each other in this situation.

The swinging lifestyle isn’t for everyone but for a select type of people, it can be an illuminating and freeing experience that enhances other parts of their lives. Don’t let traditional society standards stand in your way if this is something you want to explore. Swinging started in the 50’s and while it wasn’t talked about it public, it was a much needed answer to many married couples problems. Seek whatever makes you happy.

Got to Have 3 iPad Finance Apps

“Keep yourself involved with Market updates”

“Keep yourself involved with Market updates”

Your iPad must be filled with entertaining apps, but did you know that your iPad can also be used as a tool to manage your finances? There are hundreds of finance apps for your iPad that you can use to track your finances. These apps will help you manage your money, handle your income and expenses, run a small business and even keep track of your spending.
With the use of your iPad, you can get personal visibility over your finances. Once you see your accounts and spending habits, then you’ll be able to able to make better decisions about your budget. These iPad Apps are a must-have Finance apps.

1. Mint.com

This iPad Finance App is the best. It’s reliable and trusted by almost all financial institutions. It can sync most of your accounts including savings, checking and credit. It gives a constantly updated list of all transactions. You will be able to keep track of your finances and you’ll know where you stand.
One of its powerful tools is the budget planning and monitoring abilities. You’ll find it easier to monitor your spending into different categories. And the best thing about Mint is that it’s free!
How the App Functions:
Organizes all Accounts
Streams Personalized Updates
Obtains Financial Insight
Tracks Spending

2. Pocket-money

“Keep track of your money”

“Keep track of your money”

Pocket-money is the digital dollar tracker which works similarly like Mint, however this app is a manual affair which means you have to put in your accounts to keep track of your withdrawal, deposits,fees and expenses.
You start by placing your income and expenses and this app will help you track your finances. It’s a useful financial app that’s simple and powerful. It’s easy to configure and set-up and you can use it to meet with growing financial needs.
How the App Functions:
Tracks unlimited number of accounts and transactions
Reconciles different accounts
Assists with Income and Expense Budgeting
Provides custom reporting for accounts

3. PowerOne Financial Calculator

The iPad doesn’t have a built-in calculator app but there are plenty of calculator apps in the App Store. PowerOne Financial Calculator is a must-have calculated that works in crunching financial needs!
It’s a powerful calculator that can do finance-related calculations such as loans. Take for example, you’re shopping for a car and the salesperson doesn’t really provide a straight answer as to how much you are really paying. You may have a hard time knowing what your monthly payments will be. With the PowerOne, there’s a template for Car Loan which can help you.

How the App Functions:
Provides Almost 60 Calculator Templates including depreciation template, inflation calculator , sales-tax and more
Works in Number Analysis
So there you have it, these are the best three must have finance apps for your iPad!

Dating Tips for a Flying Solo Mom

Take up needlepoint. This is the advice of many people in the life of a single mom and one that should forget. Being in a single scene with kids can really be scary that even the way you behave and dress up can daunt you. The reaction of the kids after taking a vacation with someone or even sleeping over at the house of each one, among many other things, can make dating intimidating.

“Single mothers need to have a life too”

“Single mothers need to have a life too”

The following are excellent dating tips that can make you someone than just Mom and it will be very rewarding:

Heed to your heart’s desires. Dress the beautiful way you want and dance this Saturday night and the rest of the Saturdays to come. You can even enjoy some sex. It is your life so you make your own set of rules. Expect resistance from the kids but remember that their issue is you, not your date.

Determine a good time for presentation. The matters concerning a single mom are never single. The issues come hand in hand with complications that often bring about a parade of guys. This is not the carnival parade kids like so do not make the perception of each one as Mommy’s boyfriend. There will be too many before the right one finally comes along. Leave the children to a reliable domestic helper so you do not need to tag them along.

Co-parenting is not for your date. Hold back before you are tempted to make him help with family matters. Have him take on a parenting role, relies on the kids, all of them, being ready to start receiving him and then taking him as a parent. It is not even a question of his readiness.

Be truthful, otherwise, do not proceed. Truthis recommended, not lying and sneaking out. Extramarital sex may work for you but in general, they are perceived poorly by everyone, more so by your children. Whenever they ask, explain under what conditions extramarital sex is appropriate. When they don’t, better treat it as a silent issue they keep in their minds until their adulthood. Deal with it with prudence and tact.

Set your priorities straight

“Set your priorities accordingly”

“Set your priorities accordingly”

People needing your attention are in different locations and you cannot be in two places at one time. Know when you should be out on a date minimizing domestic calls to just a couple of minutes and when you should be home with your kids. Not maintaining the balance may sabotage either relationship or worse, both.

Exercise grace under pressure. Outsiders will find difficulty understanding you as it may mean a lot more dating and a lot less of motherhood. Do what you think is best and you will have no regrets.

Disconnect if you have to. Losses and changes are part of life. Do not stick with a doubtful relationship just for the children. They did it once with their dad, they can do it again.

You were once in a relationship that ended. Let another one begin and be guided by these tips so as not to find yourself back to uncharted waters over and over again. Let us face it: flying solo in a social life can be done. Welcome to the dating scene.

3 Power Foods to Add to Your Diet

“Enhance your diet with Power foods”

“Enhance your diet with Power foods”

Some foods are known as power foods simply because they give your body additional energy. It pays to know what these foods are because they do not only give you more “power”, but they also keep the body healthy. Here are 3 power foods that you have to consider adding to your diet:


“Have a Bean Salad”

“Have a Bean Salad”

Beans are a very powerful fruit that keeps you healthy. In fact, the more beans you eat, the healthier you become. Beans have low fat content and do not have cholesterol, trans fat, or saturated fat. They are also high in fiber, protein, iron, potassium, and folic acid.
All kinds of beans have health benefits. However, black and red ones have more; they contain 8 kinds of flavonoids. Flavonoids serve as antioxidants that protect you from certain kinds of cancers as well as heart diseases. It also helps people with diabetes and minimizes the risk of stroke due to high blood pressure.
Since preparing beans may take quite a long time, you can go for canned beans. Just make sure to rinse them thoroughly in order to minimize sodium content and take away some of the sugar found in it.


It is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Your body does not have the ability to produce omega 3 fatty acids, which means that you have to look for food that contains this healthy fat. This heart-healthy fish have eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which is responsible for its ability to reduce the risks of cancer and heart diseases. It also improves hair and skin health. Moreover, EPA minimizes symptoms related to inflammatory diseases and arthritis. In case you are not a fan of salmon, you may opt for walnuts, almonds, or fish oil.
Baking and broiling are the best and healthiest methods of cooking salmon. You can also grill or microwave it. Just make sure not to fry it because frying will take away the nutrients.


“ Take a Bite of this healthy fruit”

“ Take a Bite of this healthy fruit”

The fruit is a great power food, and there’s good reason for that. It has a lot of polyphenol antioxidants, and this helps the body in defending itself from free radicals. Free radicals, as you know, cause aging and certain illnesses such as cancer. The antioxidant power of pomegranates is even said to be much more than that of green tea and cranberry juice. The fruit can also lower cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation.
Studies show that it is enough to drink 1 to 1 ½ ounces of juice daily. Since it is pretty expensive, especially when compared with other fruit juices, you can mix pomegranate juice with mineral water.

Adding these foods to your diet is easy, especially that they are all sumptuous. Modify your diet today and benefit from these power foods by having more energy and a healthier body.

3 Easy Steps To Save more Money

Nowadays when there is always a new item to purchase, gadget to own, car to drive and a lifestyle to upkeep, saving your money is not as easy as pie. The good news is that there are ways for you to survive these extra hard temptations by saving up than to give in and splurge. As you read on, you will be handed three no-brainer tips, that doesn’t include remodelling your very own lifestyle or skipping on that great black Friday eve deal. These tips are so simple that you may be surprised on how these changes can help you save up big time.

“Keep a monthly savings account”

“Keep a monthly savings account”

Go For Water:

Have you ever tried computing how much you consume on your daily lattes, fruit juice takes outs and wine glasses with lunch in a month? Going for water is a way cheaper alternative to these cumulatively expensive beverages not to mention a lot healthier too! Imagine hundreds of dollars saved on going for water alone plus the fact that you don’t have to enroll yourself to a gym or a pricey fitness program just to lose those extra pounds.

Love Your Car:

Your car’s maintenance is scheduled for a reason and just to remind you it is a way of keeping your car in its tip top condition so have the heart not to skip it. These simple steps will not only make your car fuel efficient but also save you thousands of dollars for repairs from poor car maintenance. Carpooling is an option too, if you happen to live around the vicinity of co-workers, offer a carpool service so you can have someone share the daily gas expense to you. A few bucks saved today are a lot of bucks saved in a month, right?

Don’t Give In to the “Sale” Sign (unless you really need it):

“Don’t fall for the SALE trap”

“Don’t fall for the SALE trap”

Admit it or not, we are all victims to that tempting red tag. Surely that mark down from $99.99 to $49.99 looks all charming to you, make sure first if the item is really needed before buying it. Do not feel bad when you go out of a shop offering sale, empty handed, a lot of us do I know. But think of it this way: “Your hands may be empty but your pocket isn’t” that’s a lot better, right?

In the end, a little sacrifice on your part won’t hurt if it would mean having to save thousands of dollars in a year right? Who says changing big on the lifestyle? The technique here is to be conscious on where your money is spent no matter how big or small the amount is – isn’t it as easy as pie?

3 Important Tips On Brushing Up Your LinkedIn Resume

“Presentation is the key”

“Presentation is the key”

Your LinkedIn resume can open up a lot of opportunities for you, but it all depends on how it is presented. This, after all, is the first of many ways for you to catch the hiring manager’s attention. There are three very important rules that any job hunter should always keep in mind when brushing up their online resume. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

Creativity in Professionalism

We’ve all heard of how important it is to create a resume in the most professional way possible, but have you ever thought of trying to be creative about it? There must already be thousands of LinkedIn resumes’ that look the same, what could you add in there to impress your potential employer even more? You can always start by checking out what other person’s resume already looks like. LinkedIn is a gold mine when it comes to these documents. Make sure you take advantage of that. Know the difference between uniqueness versus completely irrelevant. Be sure to minimize or if possible, get rid of information that will not be of any importance to your CV. Stuff like date of birth and marriage status would have to wait until you need to fill in a form for that. Highlight your skills and strengths because if there’s a time to put your best foot forward, this is it.

Check for Grammatical and Spelling Errors

“A resume with Spelling and Grammatical errors is a waste”

“A resume with Spelling and Grammatical errors is a waste”

This goes without saying. There should absolutely be no tense, spelling or grammar mistakes anywhere in your resume. The format should be clean and perfect. Fonts have to be consistent. Tabs and spaces have to be uniform. Whatever word processor it is you’re using; try to go the extra mile by learning how to use it to your advantage. You also would need to learn how to modify your resume for every job you’re trying to apply for. Some employers can easily weed you out once they see some insignificant information not matching the job requirements.

Adding Weight

When we say that you need to add weight to your resume, this does not mean that you need to lie or stretch the truth to make yourself more interesting to the hiring manager. This can sabotage your chances of snagging the job should you get caught. Never pretend that you are familiar with a particular skill or claim that you’re an expert with this or that if you’re not. Nevertheless, you have to make do with what you have. For the overachiever or the ones who have done so much during college, this won’t be a problem at all. But for those who have stayed in the background for a huge chunk of their time in school, adding a bit of oomph to your resume isn’t as hard as you think.

For instance, you can make a list of all the things that you’re good at if you still don’t have enough experience for the job. You can point out how it can be beneficial to the company. Mention that you have excellent organizing and analytical skills.

You don’t need to be number one in your class for employers to get to notice you. It’s your resume, your list of achievements, your character, so you need to make it your own. Once you keep these tips in mind there is no doubt that your LinkedIn resume will generate more views.

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